ART 21



Non-destructive analysis has turned out to be a crucial method to achieve more successful and long-lasting preservation of works of art and environmental heritage. With the aim to promote education and competence in this field, the «art» Conference represents, in national and international meetings, one of the most successful initiatives in this area. The desired synergy among experts will lead to continuous development of new scientific methods in the fields of preservation, reconstruction and diagnostics of cultural and environmental artworks.

The art’21Conference will bringing together delegates, conservation scientists and curators, art historians, analytical scientists and architectural researchers from all around the world.

The Latin America Region possesses a rich cultural and natural heritage. The Region counts with 143 properties inscribed on the World Heritage. From archeological pre-Hispanic sites, exceptionally well preserved historical centres, extraordinary natural sites, bio diverse landscapes, the Region’s World Heritage serves as a basis for further strengthening sustainable development and the role of local communities which is vital for heritage protection and management. According to UNESCO, well protected World Heritage site contributes directly to environmental, social and economic development and helps better the life of the local community.

Art’21 Conference will be developed jointly with the XIII CORENDE, the AAENDE’s bi-annual Regional Congress on Non Destructive and Structural Testing, whose main topic will be “Non-Destructive Evaluation of Civil Structures”.

Buenos Aires is one of the most important cultural and social capitals in Latin America and the art’21 Conference will be a unique event to strengthen relations between the region and the whole world.


Abel Domato Jayo

Study by NDTs of the affectation of adhesion in ceramic pieces on the facade and how it affects the thermal sealing of the envelope in a unique protected building

Monica Volinia

Infrared thermography in the preservation of Cultural heritage: knowledge, diagnosis and check.

Roberto Felicetti

Affordable tools for condition assessment of historical heritages.

Dario Foppoli

NDT for the Approach to Seismic Safety of Outstanding Italian Heritage Buildings. 

Inés Dolmann – Silvia Velazquez

Restauration of historical buildings with salt damage in the Malecón site (La Habana-Cuba), Bilateral Cooperation Argentina-Cuba

José Salminci – Fabio Luna

Technological study for legal support in a case of crimes aganist humanity

Rachad Alami

The Radiography in the Service of the Preservation of the Moroccan Historical Heritage

María Reinoso

Some challenges for Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology.

Sandra Torrusio

Satellite Images for natural and cultural heritage: a combination of Science & Art


  • Environmental protection and control.

  • Microanalysis and conservation of cultural heritage in South America.

  • Non-destructive tests on cultural heritage.

  • Structural control and monitoring of cultural heritage.

  • Mechanical characterization of the structural components from the constructive structure.